Alzheimer’s Therapy Services in North Vancouver, BC

Alzheimer’s can take a heavy toll on individuals. BetterBrains offers Alzheimer’s therapy services throughout North Vancouver, BC, to help you and your loved ones navigate the complexity of a life with Alzheimer’s.

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Our Alzheimer’s therapy is defined by a variety of approaches. We strive to care for you and your loved ones with Alzheimer’s with a variety of practical and insightful services that understand the difficulties that you face and the best ways to ease them.

We provide cognitive simulation with a variety of specific memory techniques to help improve the lives of others. Memory loss is a key part of Alzheimer’s and one of the facets that is difficult to work with, which is why we design our services around cognitive simulation to strengthen memory.

Our therapy services even help to resolve the complexities of care issues so that your daily routine goes smoother. As a part of that process, we can even recommend a range of different assistive aids or equipment that help you or your loved one with Alzheimer’s improve memory, function, and safety.

We design all of our Alzheimer’s therapy around individuals. Because of this, we provide individualized solutions for any stress management and sleep problems that accompany Alzheimer’s. Collectively, these services help reduce a range of problem behaviours that are associated with Alzheimer’s.

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At BetterBrains, all of our therapy services are in-home occupational services. We believe in the power of home-based care because that allows us to customize the care that we provide to your particular set of needs.

We always begin with an assessment process that determines the best assortment of services to help you and your loved ones with Alzheimer’s. The broad range of therapy services we provide includes:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Counselling

Discover how BetterBrains can improve the lives of your loved ones with Alzheimer’s by arranging for our Alzheimer’s therapy services in North Vancouver, BC. Call 604-551-7307 or complete our online form today.